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I'm very impressed with an entrepreneur I met last month. She picked the perfect domain, developed a decent website and became an expert in her industry. The information she shares is exceptional. She targets a specific audience.

Great so far.

The problem is that it's a reasonable website - not a great one. Fortunately, she's open to a new design and knows that she needs to improve the Information Architecture.

In other words, she's willing to recognize what she doesn't know and get help with website development and online marketing. She made some good choices with WordPress and sensible plug-ins. Now she's clarifying what skills she has and how she should make the best use of her time while relying on professionals to tackle what she can't handle.

Other entrepreneurs try to pull off everything. They read every book, register for every webinar, attend conferences, etc. Gaining knowledge is fine I guess.… Read more

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Do You Really Trust Your Web Site Designer?

I realize web design can be very subjective - kind of hard to fault a web site when it's succeeding on many levels and switching some elements won't make a huge difference one way or another.

On the other hand....

I'm seeing way too many businesses that are totally misled by their web site designers. Sure, they have some nice colors. But they're really failing all over the place. No phone number (always a huge thing for me). No calls to action (not even a "Learn More" about a major service). Horrible messaging (what is this business all about anyway?).

I guess the companies - and not just the web designers are to blame. The business owners get very involved in projects and lend all of their design expertise to the final web site. I guess that was sarcasm. How much experience to business owners really have designing web sites. Do they have a clue about web standards?… Read more

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FREE Guide: SEO – Tips for Accounting, CPA Firms

seo guide for tax accounting and cpa firmsI just created a new guide for accounting and CPA firms: "How Accounting and CPA Firms Can Succeed with SEO."

Get  your copy of the accounting and SEO guide today.

It's from World Synergy and Accountants and CPA Firms.

Here is an excerpt:

Accounting firms have many options when it comes to marketing. They can start with traditional efforts like generating leads through networking and following up on referrals from existing clients.

For a moment, you might think that no one would hire a professional services firm just by searching online.

But it happens that way – all of the time.

Yes, individuals and companies check with friends and business associates to find an accounting firm that could be a good fit for their interests and needs. They also rely on directories and search engines like Google and Bing to identify potential firms. Here’s a quick sampling of monthly searches on Google:

Keyword Phrase Monthly Searches (Google’s Estimate)
CPA 2240000
CPAs 201000
CPA firm 27100
CPA firms 33100
accountant 1500000
accountants 1000000
accounting firm 60500
accounting firms 135000
certified public accountant 27100
certified public accountants 27100

And that’s just the broad, national data.… Read more

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Web Site Security – Oops

Really, this is 2011 and major sites are still playing games with identity theft.

I came across a notable HR/insurance web site that tries to  request social security numbers.

Seriously, don't you think the business could get the social security number after the fact - like if someone wants to show any interest in the company's services.

I imagine the site used to have proper security that just lapsed. The copy before the form says it "will be sent over the Internet encrypted and securely."

No, not today.

Even when the security works securely (I'll point it out to them), I doubt they'll remove the social security request. It's not one of the required fields. At least the you can skip it if you want to - as everyone should.

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How to Choose a Proper Web Site Hosting Service

To Pay or Not to Pay; That Is the Question.

The first consideration when choosing a web site hosting service is simple: free or paid service. Free service providers have restrictions. Maximum file sizes, ad banners, limits on file types, and some deploy frames. SEO proponents counsel avoiding frames because they can be a rank-killer with search engines; others argue that properly used frames make no difference. A link about frames follows this article. The bandwidth of free providers varies and is known, at least for some of them, for crawling to a literal halt at times. Paid providers offer more bandwidth and storage space, better tech support, and numerous customization options free providers lack.

Server OS and Languages

The operating system and the programming language that is used by a web host matters. If you code Windows-only apps with VB, ASP and similar languages, Windows servers are necessary. UNIX-based hosts outperform its Windows counterparts across the board.… Read more

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