Speaking on SEO at Content Marketing World

seo-consultant-speakerGet dozens of search engine optimization insights on September 11 at Content Marketing World (CMW), where I will present “45 Rapid Fire SEO Tips, Tactics and Tools for Content Marketing Success” as part of the CMW lunch and learn series.

Register today and get a $100 discount with this promo code: MurrayCMW

The session will cover a wide range of advice to help companies leverage their content marketing opportunities. I will touch on these and other topics:

  • Competitive analysis short-cuts
  • Exploiting a web site’s sweet spot
  • News releases
  • Maximizing guides and white papers
  • Domain names
  • Mining for keyword phrase gems
  • Critical mistakes

Marketers won’t just get a taste of SEO; they’ll walk away with ideas and tactics they can put into motion right away to ensure that their content marketing efforts get plenty of exposure. Different marketing professionals  will be able to connect with any number of the SEO approaches based on their web site structure and business needs.… Read more

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Great Collection of SEO Tools – Online Marketing Experts

Powered By Search created an excellent post by getting 17 experts in the SEO arena to share their favorite SEO tools.

I weighed in as well (I appreciate being included). See "3 Must-Have SEO Tools: 17 SEO Experts Weigh In."

As expected, some of the tools were repeated, but the post did a good job of citing enough online marketing experts to get varied opinions about the same SEO tools and include a wide range of free and paid resources worth exploring.

I love tools and check out many. Some unfortunately sit on the "to do" pile. I have organized hundreds of them in an Excel and will share them at times with my blog and in my new book, "Stop Wishing. Start Winning. How Small Businesses Can Win Big with Online Marketing." It should be out soon.

I have heard of the Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool (mentioned by others).… Read more

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Really? Keyword Spam Makes a Splash

I look at hundreds of web sites every week and I'm not surprised by much. Usually it's a creative domain name or graphic that catches my attention.

A couple years ago, one spa web site included an animated graphic with a cat giving another happy cat a massage. It was freakishly odd, especially the yellow towel on one of the cat's heads.

What I saw today wasn't as peculiar as much as it was senseless.


It was keyword spam city on a splash page for SEO. I hate splash pages, but this one took it to a new level. I'll spare the web site by showing you only part of the page (a very small part of this mess). After a few seconds, the page redirects to the "real" home page for what appears to be a very established assisted living center.

Why would a web marketer risk having the site delisted just to throw in a bunch of redundant keywords?… Read more

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12 SEO Keyword Selection Tips for Search Engine Optimization – New Post at Content Marketing Institute

content-marketing-instituteI'm pleased to be a new contributor to the Content Marketing Institute blog. My new post, "12 Tips for "Keyword Selection to Guide Your Content Marketing SEO,"

In the last 15 years, I've looked here, there and everywhere for good keywords for clients, but I think it's the selection, not the research that is the toughest part.

You can find a ton of potential SEO keywords, including a good set of contenders. But how do you choose the ones that will make a difference with search engine optimization?

The piece goes into detail on a dozen different considerations - everything from how you're already ranking for the keyword to seeing whether efforts to optimize an SEO keyword phrase inspire related other keywords to do well. When you optimize for one critical keyword, the content updates impact other words too.

Internet professionals often say people shouldn't get fixated on search engine rankings - that it's all about getting the right traffic and conversions.… Read more

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SEO for Small Businesses: Take the Plunge

Business owners have huge opportunities when it comes to online marketing, including SEO for small businesses. Many things have changed with the Internet over the years. But some aspects of the Internet haven’t faded away; they just show up in different ways.

One of the most powerful realities of the Internet is your ability to market directly to people who want what you sell. It used to be that you had to knock on doors, take out an ad in the yellow pages or buy a radio spot. In all of those cases and more you had to hope someone would care about your offer.

With the Internet, people actually declare their interest and hunt for the help they need. They may start with a keyword phrase and that bodes well for search engine optimization and  paid search.

But some people find their way to you simply by exploring other areas of the Internet.… Read more

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