Will Mobile Matter with Google Search Engine Results?

Google is expected to intensify its love of mobile on two fronts.

1. Expect your web site to be called out if it's not mobile friendly. Google literally has been testing the use of icons with search results to suggest that a web site falls short in terms of mobile development standards.


2. And the Internet is all abuzz about the fact that Google may penalize web sites among search results in they're not mobile friendly.

Given all of the factors that go into a ranking, it's hard to tell what the impact will be. But it's good to be prepared.

Here are some articles on the topic:

Quick Tool:

Another Tool:

More Info:


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Google SEO HTPPS Ranking Boost Is Misleading

I guess it's OK to get excited about the new ranking boost some web site owners can get by switching their web sites from HTTP to HTTPS.

But I'm not impressed.

Just like other updates or changes, people make a big deal out a small thing. They suddenly act like it's the most influential factor with search engine rankings. It isn't - far from it.

I would have a tough time telling clients they need to mess with their established web site URLs and redirect them to take advantage of the https option. Maybe I will pursue it in a rare instance.

The fact is that web sites still need to improve what's lacking elsewhere like good content, including long pieces. Web site owners also need quality inbound links, effective SEO page titles and much more.

Learn more here:

Essentially, it's supposed to reward web sites for using HTTPS instead of HTTP because site security will be a signal that is rewarded - like when a site uses Transport Layer Security (TLS).… Read more

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SEO Guide: Learn When Search Engine Optimization Is a Waste of Money

seo-waste-money-roiPeople sure have strange notions about how search engine optimization (SEO)  is supposed to play out in their businesses.

The truth is, SEO can be costly with nothing to show for your expense.

Get my free guide, “Are You Wasting Your Money on SEO?” to learn what you should consider before dishing out precious cash for a strategy that may not pay off.

Get the guide today.

If you're planning to attend Content Marketing World, you should add on my half-day, pre-conference SEO workshop: “Planning, Refining and Measuring SEO for Content Marketing.” I will explain how to shape and a measure search engine optimization in light of content marketing.

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Obviously SEO is still a viable option for businesses – from the small business owner forced to wear many hats to large corporations.… Read more

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Why Small Business Owners Fail with SEO Strategy

web-design-seoI used to say that small business owners and other executives fail with an SEO strategy because they ignore it or it really never makes it on the priority plate.

But that's only part of the story.

They try and fall short because of the overused Field of Dreams scenario.

I just spoke with an owner - a very smart guy who designed a great fashion product. The problem is that he doesn't know much about marketing. He trusted some folks who did his SEO.

They assumed with their SEO strategy that it's a one-time exercise. It isn't. They have keywords in some of the ideal places. So what? What if they're the wrong words? They had no plan to test different scenarios. Complicating matters is the scarce content. You have to love the images - hard to miss. But how will the site excel without content?

It's a niche business.… Read more

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SEMPO Study: Online and Content Marketing, SEO Trends in 2014

Eager to perform even better, marketers can take note of trends and glean some key lessons from a SEMPO State of Search Marketing Report 2013, released last month by Econsultancy.

The report, now in its ninth year, offers some good insights about what online marketers worry about and how they’re spending their money on SEO, paid search, social media, mobile, e-mail and digital display marketing. The full report is available to SEMPO members, but an executive summary is available.

The good news is that online marketers clearly value online marketing based on responses from 400 companies and agencies. But they continue to fall short when it comes to integration. Sadly, the silos are apparent. Will that change in 2014?

At least content marketing comes out on top as a discipline that’s “highly integrated” with SEO (45%). Other digital marketing disciplines really don’t have much to do with SEO. For example, marketers say that email marketing is only “highly integrated” with SEO 13% of the time.… Read more

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