Keyword Tricks

If possible, try to pursue keyword phrases that have something in common.

Collectively, they can help each other out.


Industrial container
Industrial container company
Industrial container pricing

But don't just pick nay phrase that comes to mind. They must match your business, your goals and be something people will search.

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Organic Keyword Rankings and Dreams

Keywords are invaluable, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes to rank in the top 5 positions on the major search engines.

If a company wants to rank organically for a keyword phrase, reality needs to be the first priority.

Is a ranking within reach or are you just dreaming?

A website has to beat out the competition on many levels (but not necessarily all). Site age, the amount of content, site architecture and inbound links are among the biggest factors.

If you can't fulfill your keyword dreams, it's best to settle for some other keywords while chasing your dream. Go after the phrases your website can support.

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