PPC Management Company

The funny thing about pay-per-click advertising is that some people think no one ever click on those ads.

As an executive at a PPC management company, I know pay click ads can work. It's worth getting serious about them.

In years past, those ads had a bad reputation. They seemed to devices for shady companies to rise to the top and get your attention only to have you be disappointed when you got to their home pages.

On the positive side, these ads are a good way for a very small company to compete with the big guys.

But of course, the prices of those programs and the bidding structure continued drive up prices of each click. Once,  a click was 25 cents and  became $1. Or, $1 increased to $3.

It’s like everything else; you need to know what you’re doing.  It may seem sensible to you to buy an ad and direct people to your home page. … Read more

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Online Marketing Firm – New Guide with 25 Tips

At World Synergy, I put together a new guide for marketers.

The guide, "25 Ways to Succeed with Online Marketing," is available for free. Yep, no charge.

Download it here.

I've been doing online marketing for 13 years now. I picked up some great ideas and developed some of my own. They're all packed into this practical online marketing guide.

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