Online Marketing

Online Search Marketing

For effective online search marketing, here are some SEO Basics:


Keyword phrases are the most important part of your strategy. You’re going to miss your target, but that’s OK. That’s web site development. That’s marketing.

You can cast a big net and grab everything or you can target a specific phrase. I favor a mixed portfolio. It increases your odds of some success. A mixed set of keyword phrases also ensures some commonality among keyword phrases like nature posters and nature posters for sale.

If you go broad, your opportunities to convert a visitor (prompt them to take some action) are more limited. The searcher may very well not be interested in what you offer. If you’re too specific, no one may be searching (or the search traffic may be rare).

Web Site Content for Online Search Marketing

You don’t have a Golden Rule for content and the number of times you need to mention a keyword phrase.… Read more

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Online Ad Spending to Increase

In a recent report, industry analyst eMarketer projects that the U.S. online advertising market will grow a great deal in 2011 - with spending increasing 20.2% to $31.3 billion by the end of the year. That's a significant jump from last year when spending reached $26 billion - a 14.9% jump.

Although future increases aren't expected to be as high, it's a strong reminder about the power of the Internet in a down economy. People want opportunities, relevance, targeted marketing and measurement. Internet advertising delivers at all levels.

But the key isn't to just spend the money and measure it. Businesses that look at these opportunities need to think long and hard about what they're doing. A misstep along the way can doom the campaign.

Here are some tough questions to ask:

What is my brand?
Who am I trying to reach?
How will I measure success?
How does that affect my marketing objectives?… Read more

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How to Choose a Proper Web Site Hosting Service

To Pay or Not to Pay; That Is the Question.

The first consideration when choosing a web site hosting service is simple: free or paid service. Free service providers have restrictions. Maximum file sizes, ad banners, limits on file types, and some deploy frames. SEO proponents counsel avoiding frames because they can be a rank-killer with search engines; others argue that properly used frames make no difference. A link about frames follows this article. The bandwidth of free providers varies and is known, at least for some of them, for crawling to a literal halt at times. Paid providers offer more bandwidth and storage space, better tech support, and numerous customization options free providers lack.

Server OS and Languages

The operating system and the programming language that is used by a web host matters. If you code Windows-only apps with VB, ASP and similar languages, Windows servers are necessary. UNIX-based hosts outperform its Windows counterparts across the board.… Read more

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Web Marketing Strategy – Social Media

You can do a lot with social media, including:

  • Establish a Facebook profile
  • Maintain Facebook with the latest news
  • Establish  blog with the company branding
  • Update blog with on a regular basis
  • Establish LinkedIn profile
  • Create a Twitter account
  • Post to Twitter, follow others on Twitter

You can make the most of your social media efforts by identifying the types of people/companies that you want us to focus on.

In addition, you can:

- Promote social media among employees;  invite them to Like/Follow on your business on Facebook
- Ask employees’ family and friends to Like/Follow
- Invite customers to follow your business on Facebook
- Ask employees to establish and update Linked In profiles so they link to your business

Social media opportunities for your web marketing strategy:

Social Oomph
Objective Marketing
Buddy Media
Social Mention
Popular Media
Social Meter

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SEO Marketing Expert – Gaining Visibility

It's not that hard to gain some recognition as an SEO marketing specialist.

I just tried.

It started in 2005 when I got a chance to speak for the first time at a Search Engine Strategies conference. I've always been grateful to Danny Sullivan for giving me a shot.

Between then and now, I've spoken at a lot of different places and written many articles and industry guides. The effort has paid off for the places that hired me and my career. Everyone wins.

The key is to be authentic and informative. I make sure that nothing I say, present or write is like a big advertisement. That wouldn't sit too well with anyone.

Have I been accepted to speak every place I contacted? No.

But I kept trying. Timing (and a good topic) paid off.

Here are some of the subjects I have covered and the organizations that have been kind enough to welcome me - both for speaking and for writing.… Read more

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