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SEO Gone Bad. New York Times Nails Black Hat SEO

David Segal just wrote an extensive SEO online marketing piece about the slimy part of search engine optimization (SEO) called Black Hat.

He called out J. C. Penney for apparently using unscrupulous techniques to game the search engine results, particularly on Google.

Of course, the key players like J. C. Penney executives had little to say about their direct involvement. The piece goes on to say that the company got rid of its consultant. You think?

The story starts out with the odd performance of web site. Despite fierce competition, it beat out many notable players for everything from “skinny jeans,” “tablecloths.” – plus very specific, offbeat phrases.

As you’ll discover, Google got involved and J. C. Penney was knocked from the top.

The heart of the strategy seems to have involved junk links from thousands of no-name web sites that weren’t relevant in any way.

To the general public, the story may sound fresh.… Read more

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Online Search Marketing – Link Building Tips

World Synergy just released a handy how-to guide, "22 Link Building Tactics to Boost Web Site Traffic." It details what to do to get other web sites to link to yours.

If you don't know by now, search engines put a lot of stock in link building. When they decide how well a web site will rank among the results, link building is a huge factor. It has tremendous influence in what you can do with online search marketing.

Why? Think of it as a vote of confidence. If you get a link from Aunt Carla's flower shop, that might be a vote. If you get a link from a relevant industry directory, that might be a 100 votes.

Here are some of the link building tips in the free guide:

Form strategic business link partnerships.
It's the real deal. World Synergy isn't talking about those silly link collections where people link to one another regardless of what they sell.… Read more

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Link Building Tips

Businesses have many options to attract links to their web sites. For Aisle #6 on my "SEO Is NOT a Candy Store" series, I provide several link building tips. Sometimes link building tactics begin with the links that are already pointing to your web site. It's a matter of making better use of them. Learn how in this video.

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Linking Building Tool

I'm not affiliated with this link building tool (no cash for me), but I've been sending it to my friends.

The Link Builders Toolkit is a massive collection of links. Sure, you've seen many of them. But the Excel resource really rounds out what you need for link building.

Get it here.

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Online Marketing Firm – New Guide with 25 Tips

At World Synergy, I put together a new guide for marketers.

The guide, "25 Ways to Succeed with Online Marketing," is available for free. Yep, no charge.

Download it here.

I've been doing online marketing for 13 years now. I picked up some great ideas and developed some of my own. They're all packed into this practical online marketing guide.

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