New Study: “Big Companies Fall Short with SEO and Content Marketing”

seo content marketing sudyLarge companies are underachievers with SEO and content marketing.

We explored the Fortune 100 for our new study, "Big Companies Fall Short with SEO and Content Marketing."

The top brands clearly enjoy high visibility for popular keyword phrases, but they miss out on leads and sales because 19.4% of the time on average they rank on the second page of Google.

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You can also get some insights from an excerpt of the Executive Summary that includes these highlights and many more:

  • 56% don't use non-branded keyword phrases in their home page SEO page titles (some use “home,” but that’s hardly a target keyword)
  • 20% generally don't use meta descriptions with interior pages
  • 89% generally don't name images with keywords with dashes (they prefer ineffective underscores and generic or jammed words)